Despre uleiurile esentiale


Din cele mai vechi timpuri oamenii au folosit produsele parfumante in cadrul ceremoniilor religioase, ale bailor si masajelor, pentru parfumarea parului si a corpului. In secolul X, medicii au invatat cum sa distileze uleiurile esentiale din plante si asa s-a nascut aromaterapia.

Uleiurile esentiale pot fi extrase dintr-o mare varietate de plante, incluzand citricele, arbustii, ierburile si mirodeniile, si sunt folosite pentru a relaxa, seda, improspata sau stimula, in functie de nevoi. Uleiurile esentiale au considerabile efecte vindecatoare, pot dimniua dureri sau pot imbunatati starea pielii. De aceea nu este surprinzatoare folosirea aromaterapiei in medicina conventionala.

Uleiurile esentiale sunt substante naturale, volatile, care prin evaporare isi elibereaza in aer aroma, asa cum se intampla, de exemplu, daca cineva striveste o planta aromatica. Uleiurile esentiale au numeroase beneficii dar trebuie folosite cu atentie.


  • Niciodata nu luati pe cale interna uleiurile esentiale, daca acest lucru nu v-a fost recomandat de catre un medic
  • Intotdeauna folositi uleiurile esentiale diluate
  • Nu folositi un timp prea indelungat aceleasi uleiuri
  • Nu folositi in timpul sarcinii fara recomandarea unui medic
  • Diluati si mai mult uleiurile esentiale in cazul persoanelor cu probleme ale pielii
  • In cazul persoanelor cu astm sau epilepsie se cere o atentie sporita


About essential oils

Since the dawn of human history, people have used scented products in religious ceremonies, bathing and massage, and for scenting the hair and the body. in the 10th century, physicians learned how to distil essential oils from plants, and the practice of aromatherapy was born.

Essential oils can be extracted from a wide variety of plants, including citrus fruits, shrubs, vines, herbs and spices, and are used to relax, sedate, refresh or stimulate, according to need. In addition to affecting moods, however, these esential oils boast considerable healing powers and can shoote aches and ease skin conditions.It is not surprising, then, that so much use is made of aromatherapy in conventional medicine today.

Essential oils are natural, volatile substances that evaporate readily, releasing their aroma into the air, as happens, for example, when someone brushes against an aromatic plant. The oils have many beneficial properties.


  • Never take essential oils internally unless prescribed
  • Always use diluted oils
  • Do not use the same oils for too long
  • Do not use oils in pregnancy without professional advice.
  • Dilute oils even more for anyone with skin problems
  • Be careful with anyone who has astma or epilepsy

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