Sleep inducers


Worries can race around inside our heads, usually just as we are trying to fall asleep. The resulting restless night leaves us prone to anxiety. Help break this circle with a hot, relaxing evening bath using essential oils.

Many essential oils can be added to a bath to aid relaxation and sleep, just having a fragrance that you enjoy will help you to unwind after a long day.

A couple of relaxing blends, which are not over-sedating, are 3 drops sandalwood oil and 4 drops rose or 5 drops ylang-ylang oil. Add this oil to the bath just before you get in, holding them under the hot water tap so they are dispersed evenly in the air and water.

Other essential oils that aid relaxations include bergamot, chamomile and clary sage, while tranquillity and peacefulness cand be achieved with neroli.

Source: Aromatherapy, Marc Evans

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