Vila Aurora Trsteno


Villa Aurora is situated on the seaside of Trsteno, 30 km west from Dubrovnik, 200m from the 500 years old Arboretum, a natural tree reserve where trees from all over the world have been planted. The Villa was built as a country house in 1906 by the Dubrovnik noble Vito Basegli-Gozze for his family and guests.From 1907 to date, the villa has changed owners several times. In 1955, the communist government confiscated the Villa from it s owner, Milorad Dimitrijevic.

Aurora is a complex made up of a central villa and 4 country houses for guests and servants, and it was once the summer residence for the BIH communist officials.

In the Patriotic War, the Aurora, a protected cultural monument, was devastated and plundered in the aggresion by the Yugoslav Army in the Dubrovnik Area. The walls still show graffitti written in the war years. The Aurora has been falling apart for years, as the BIH does not have any money to bring it back to its former glory. John Malcovich wanted to buy the villa for an exclusive Adriatic resort but he did not receive any response from Sarajevo.

3 thoughts on “Vila Aurora Trsteno

  1. Marinko Radovic 29 July 2016 / 19:15

    The villa was not destroyed by the Yugoslav National Army, it was destroyed by Croatian soldiers as an act of revenge during the clashes between Bosnian and Croatian troops in Bosnia and Herzegowina in 1993-1994, due to the fact that it was owned by the Bosnian Government.

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    • LavenderGlaze 29 July 2016 / 19:45

      Thank you for clarifying this. Anyway, it is an wonderfull place.


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