Sapun turta-dulce


Un sapun plin de arome calde si intense datorita uleiurilor esentiale de scortisoara si ghimbir. Uleiul esential de scortisoara este antiinfectios, stimulant, afrodisiac iar cel de ghimbir are rol antialgic si antiinflamator.

Contine: baza de sapun din ingrediente minerale si vegetale, ulei esential de scortisoara, ulei esential de ghimbir.

Pret:10 lei/ 100 gr

Gingerbread soap

It’ s a soap full of intense and warm flavours due to cinnamon and ginger essential oils. They have stimulant, aphrodisiac, antiinflamatory and pain-killer role.

Contain: soap base, cinnamon essential oil, ginger essential oil


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